Noise Data Acquisition and Reporting

Facility operations, site remediation and construction of buildings and highways are increasingly being monitored to quantify noise, dust and air quality impacts at the boundaries of the activities. Monitoring is also done in nearby neighborhoods.

Instrumentation used for these measurements now has smart digital communications interfaces, uses less power and costs less, making monitoring program implementation and operation far easier and less costly to operate. DR DAS's data acquisition and reporting products support interfacing to the sensors and instruments commonly used for these measurements. And often a single low cost Envidas Ultimate data acquisition system allows data collection from arrays of instruments located at many positions surrounding the activity whose effects on the nearby environs are to be documented.

Typical applications might include:

  • Noise, dust and air quality impacts at schools, hospitals and neighborhoods potentially effected by highway construction.
  • Noise, dust and air quality measurements at critical infrastructure such as hospitals while demolition and construction is being done nearby.
  • Fenceline monitoring of noise and air quality at transportations centers such as bus stations, train terminals and airports.
  • Air, water and noise monitoring near injection wells and energy development activities.
  • Noise and air quality impacts of construction and operation of new and upgraded process equipment at refineries, chemical plants and other industrial facilities.
  • Monitoring and alerting on and off site staff during hazardous waste site remediation, facility decommissioning and cleanup.

In a comprehensive monitoring program the amount of data that must be gathered, organized, archived, analyzed and reported is enormous. Many hundreds of measurements may be required. Envidas Ultimate's large library of sensor and instrument interfaces supports many hundreds of unique protocols as well as industry standards. This allow all your data sources to be aggregated in the SQL database of the Envidas Ultimate software. And normally the measurement data needs to be supplied to a facilities' control, SCADA and historian systems. DR DAS's Envidas Ultimate software supports integration with various standard protocols such as OPC and Modbus server/client.

Using DR DAS data solutions for noise and other
environmental monitoring has many advantages:

  • Streamlined monitoring solution for applications with a diverse set of instruments and sensors
  • Select-and-Collect™ data interface configuration
  • Wireless Instrument LAN solutions to allow collection of data for many sensor locations within and on the facility/project fence line
  • Multi-location data aggregation with Multi-Site versions of Envidas Ultimate.
  • Envista ARM's powerful data retrieval for Ultimate data systems located at multiple facilities and project sites across a corporation's operations or an entire state or country.
  • Graphical and tabular analysis and reporting tools.
  • Distribution of selected alerts to project personnel and other stakeholders as deemed appropriate
  • Private or Public web access available via DR DAS Cloud for reporting requirements in special projects
  • Open database interfaces for add-in development needed for custom situations