The software based solutions from DR DAS LTD support multimedia environmental data management applications. Our products feature easy-to-use, familiar Windows interfaces for configuration and management of every step in the data collection and reporting process. This makes working with environmental data flows a streamlined and enjoyable process. And DR DAS provides these products to suit various levels of client support capability and IT restrictions. We offer both local installs on customer hosted hardware as well as Cloud hosted services of the DR DAS Cloud and other services such as Microsoft Azure.

Our software supports all aspects of data collection, monitoring network QA and maintenance, data analysis, editing and reporting. DR DAS strongly supports efforts to enhance information access utilizing phone apps, touch screen kiosks, highway signs and flexible websites to keep stakeholders knowledgeable about the current quality of their environment and potential hazards.

DR DAS LTD works with customers to select the most cost effective yet scalable solutions that can make maximum use of existing measurement, communications and IT assets. Software features scale to work on different hardware platforms in a host of environments and power situations. Interoperability with competitors' solutions is a key feature we offer. This allows customers to select DR DAS software products for their superior features and cost benefit without having to replace all existing data acquisition and data management within a current monitoring network.

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