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Who We Are

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DR DAS LTD is a Vietnam Veteran Owned, small business located in Granville Ohio. Business activities support modernization of monitoring programs in the environmental, safety and quality domains.  The solutions offered by DR DAS leverage advances in IT and instrumentation to offer its customers software tools, service and training that reduces operations and maintenance costs while enhancing data quality.

Established in 1996 DR DAS LTD has been the exclusive North and Central American distributor of Envitech Europe Ltd. products since 1997. Envitech Europe Ltd. is the leading global supplier of continuous environmental data collection monitoring software called Envista Air Resources Manager (ARM) As the North American distributor for Envitech Europe Ltd for 15 years, DR DAS has assisted many organizations in the process of modernizing their monitoring operations through implementation of Envitech Europe software.  

DR DAS has permanent employees and long tern contract relationships with sales, service and programming staff in Texas, Utah and MD. DR DAS products are integrated into air quality, emissions, water quality, and meteorological monitoring systems by over 10 system integrators and consulting organizations in the USA and Canada.

What We Do

 DR DAS provides the project design, analysis, implementation, training and support.  We also develop additional software components (Add-Ins) to meet Federal, State and local requirements of our customers if these specific features are not available within the Envista system. Almost every major project we have done has included an analysis of the system requirements vs. the component off the shelf COTS capabilities of the Envista ARM system. And each project has included expansion of the system to address features that customers around the world have requested. In this way the products available to our customers steadily increase in capability, performance and ease of use.

 Projects undertaken by DR DAS LTD can be in any application involving data collection, analysis, modeling and reporting. Monitoring project experience includes:

  • Ambient Air Quality (fixed site, mobile and perimeter)
  • Continuous Emissions and Opacity
  • Meteorological (Automated Weather Stations)
  • Water Quality
  • Hydrology
  • Toxic Gas
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Indoor Air Quality, Temperature and RH
  • Medical Refrigerators

 Every implementation of the Envista ARM solution has resulted in significant saving to the user organization realized from:

  • Remote administration of field operations
    • Reduced field hours
    • Reduced travel time and  vehicle usage
  • On the Fly QA of data support real time data reviews and distribution of alerts to multiple levels of an organization
    • Inclusion of new critical maintenance actions in the current days agenda (no separate trips)
    • Focused data reviews to analyze and correct problems
  • Comprehensive data review tools
    • Reduced effort from data collection to final validation of data. In some cases reductions of 50% in labor and time.
  • Migration of all monitoring activities into one system and database.
    • Elimination of old legacy “one of” solutions for filter data, toxics, PAMS and other “special program” data
  • Support for emissions inventory and dispersion model input file creation
  • Creation of Public information products using standard applications rather that custom solutions
    • Envista ARM Web Edition support public information web sites with on demand data set access that can manage the fulfillment of public information requests
    • Cell phone apps for interaction with Envista ARM
    • Voice air quality information systems
    • Email distribution of air quality alerts
    • Maintenance and Equipment Inventory solutions.

 How We Can Help

Whether your organization is considering a network overhaul of just needs to accomplish a special project over staff have the experience and knowledge to assist. Because we work every day with the instrumentation we are the best equipped resource to answer the questions related to instruments and their communications and data acquisition capabilities. Our extensive library included all product manuals, support software and 100’s of Tech notes and White papers that can assist the monitoring community.

 We can accomplish a complete program or a small part. We can also team with other organizations to deliver solutions that integrate best of breed components.