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Envidas Ultimate is the next generation of Envidas products that pioneered digital data acquisition more than 15 years ago, forever changing the breadth and quality of the data available from measurement programs. Envidas Ultimate, now itself 5 years after its initial release, supports the most modern advancements in Windows based Digital Data Acquisition technologies. It’s trademarked “Select and Collect” support for communications with 1000’s of devices in the environmental, geophysical and industrial process measurement world truly make it the “Swiss Army Knife” of DAS software.

Ultimate runs on any windows platform, allowing a user to install the software on a hardware platform that best meets the monitoring location regardless of power, temperature, humidity, weather and in fixed site an mobile applications. Use the software is the labs one day for calibration and testing of analyzers and then use it on a laptop to make measurements while moving around a facility fenceline the next. And you can install Ultimate on as many devices as you want. Just insert the license dongle in the device you want to use, select your instruments and measurements and start collecting. And the applications supported are almost endless: air and water quality, emissions and effluent, radiation and meteorology, noise and vibration.

Envidas Ultimate utilizes multi-threading in the .NET development environment to make data logging highly efficient, accurate and easy to program. This programming approach means that all data collection processes operate on independent threads that behave like individual programs. They are not required to be grouped together in a single sequential polling cycle.

The accuracy of Digital Data Acquisition (DDA) is another reason why monitoring agencies worldwide prefer the Envidas Ultimate DAS. Values recorded are exactly the value you see in the instrument. DDA also has an advantage are the recording of what we call Diagnostics – the value-based metadata that indicates the health of the instrumentation. Versions and pricing for Ultimate are based on the number of primary measurement channels, ranging from 16 to 256 or more upon request. With Ultimate each primary channel can also record 42 digital status points and 32 diagnostic values used as metadata to evaluate instrumentation status and data validity. Competing products require use of a primary channel for this metadata.

The total channels can be organized as separate “sites” within the Ultimate configuration , viewing and reporting applications. For example dividing measurements into separate sites representing different measurement locations or different emission units make understanding and presentation of vast amounts of data much easier. And should you need to add channels an upgraded license file can be provided via email or download. You do not need to overbuy when you start out, just in case your requirements change.

Envidas protocols are created to match the features of the wide range and varied nature of the instruments used in a wide variety of monitoring applications. When you select an instrument for use you assign to a communications port in Ultimate and you automatically have default settings that allow you to assign available instrument measurements to Ultimate data channels and collect the associated digital status points and diagnostics. We call this “Select and Collect”. Ultimate’s designers and programmers have done the detailed research into the behavior of 1000,s of devices so you can be collecting data within a few minutes. Ultimate even incudes support libraries for instrument manuals and includes the instrument manufacturers’ support software tools accessible with a simple click in the Ultimate program. And yes Ultimate supports the major generic protocols like Modbus and OPC but does not force you to use generic protocols when easier more intuitive approaches are available.

Ease of use is accomplished by segregating the functions of the program into individual Windows driven applications. Each primary function (configuration, real time viewing and data review) are in their own relevant applications. This creates the advantage of a streamlined interface for each application that is not polluted with too much information and too many options. See the tabs above for information about each application!
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Ultimate Setup provides users the ability to see and configure the technical requirements of the site. A convenient and logical tree-view gives the user an easy interface for adding communication elements of all types (clients for data collection and servers for data transmission), adding users into the system, and configuring sequences which can run as daily checks, automated multipoint tests or virtually any relevant automated process. Quick access to protocol lists, error log capabilities, learning mode, and other options for the overall site create a software application that provides you with the ability and knowledge to create a configuration within minutes.
Viewer is the application where an operator can see, within a single application, all the real time data available to Envidas Ultimate – data, diagnostics, alarms and more. This features user-specific custom dashboards, dynamic tables, and interfaces for manual backpolls on select instruments, and on demand calibration sequences.

Ultimate Reporter is a data review application built on the same popular platform as Envista ARM. This creates a feeling of sameness and has the added benefit of training in one transferring to the other. Reporter features table and graph visualization of data sets and user-specific custom features such as groups, dynamic tables and various forms of real time chart emulation.

Envidas Ultimate’s polling application uses the benefits of Windows Services to create its multi-threaded data collection function. In order to provide users simple operation of these services, an integrated control panel for the Envidas Poll service is included in the package.

An added bonus with the Envidas Ultimate package is a fully functional, configurable web interface. This included website features graphs, charts, data reports and real-time views that can be configured to suit the needs of the end user. This product has been used by contractors to check in on fence-line monitors for sites, and school children in locations where the air monitoring station is located. There is very little required to get the site up and running, and absolutely no web page experience is required.

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