Meteorology Data Acquisition and Reporting

The durability, reliability and of DR DAS monitoring and data collection systems apply well to the diverse nature of meteorological science. There is an ever-present need for better coordination between technicians, managers and other stakeholders to maintain a sustainable and effective monitoring, warning and management system, and DR DAS products serve this need with quick access to data and alert systems for dissemination of critical information.

Meteorological data and analysis are as relevant as ever today. Applications to weather forecasting, aviation, industry, engineering, architecture, agriculture, and military and many other areas are of heightened importance in our modern world.

Typical measurements of temperature, wind speed, wind direction, etc. are continuously sampled and averaged, taken at regular intervals, over some period of time. Supported management tasks include network program supervision, calibration and maintenance trips, first-line troubleshooting, maintenance and spare parts inventory, instrument acceptance testing, modification and repair, training, polling of data, database operation, and validation and reporting of data. All of this results in better data available for end user analysis and review.

Here are features our custom-built networks can offer
for meteorological monitoring:

  • Access to meteorological instrument manuals to ensure proper implementation
  • Industry standard support for math and meteorological statistics
  • Near-real-time information, data presentation, diagnostics, reporting and alerts
  • Select-and-Collect™ logger configuration technology