Air Quality Data Acquisition and Reporting

Air Quality Data Management has long been the core expertise area for DR DAS. In our work with many air agencies we have enhanced and improved our product package to suit diverse data collection needs – from federal level data management to small county networks, DR DAS has experience and ability.

Our software tools have benefitted for the modern business needs of monitoring programs in the environmental, safety and quality domains. The solutions offered by DR DAS leverage advances in IT and instrumentation to offer its customers software tools, service and training that reduces operations and maintenance costs while enhancing data quality. We also develop additional software components (Add-Ins) to meet Federal, State and local requirements of our customers if these specific features are not available within the core Envista system.

DR DAS air quality data systems are designed to enhance the quality of the information being collected, reduce the cost of acquiring, reviewing and delivering information, enable systems to be implemented in phases as schedule and budget permit, integrate with organizations IT and Security Models, be maintainable over the long term, and serve many users and needs. Affordability, versatility and scalability are key to our software model and corporate ethos.

Key features of all systems include:

  • complete data reporting analysis and review software on each logger
  • access to sample for real-time strip charts and historical sample review
  • fast and easy access to automatic reports and sharing of station logs, plus integration of audit information with data review
  • Integrated add-ons to supporting Intranet and Internet web sites
  • Historical access to data with download in many formats
  • Select-and-Collect™ logger configuration