DR DAS LTD - Environmental Data Flows

DR DAS LTD offers software and hardware products and services to support environmental data collection management and reporting for air quality, meteorology, radiation and source emissions; water quality and water discharges; noise and vibration monitoring. We can work with your organization to identify opportunities to optimize your current measurement network operations while improving data quality and lowering cost. We also work with your IT staff to implement secure networks. Most importantly we effectively communicate the user’s system management and data access needs to an organization’s IT staff and work with IT to implement solutions meeting both user needs and IT policies.

DR DAS systems offer the smoothest flow of multimedia measurement data from field and facility locations to information users and secure data warehouses. They support continuous and sampler based measurements and monitoring network operations including instrument diagnostics, preventive maintenance, data integrity and quality assurance and equipment inventory management. DR DAS offers Add-ins for emission/discharge inventory and models for event and what if scenario evaluation. Innovative information distribution solutions like web sites, kiosk, and mobile device and telephony applications are all available.

Key features of DR DAS systems and products include:

  • Multimedia environmental data acquisition
  • “Select and Connect” communications protocols for 100’s of devices
  • Interoperability with industrial process control, with SCADA systems and with competitors’ offerings
  • Support for regulatory reporting in USA, Canada, Mexico and the EU
  • Delivery of alerts to field service, management, first responders and the public
  • Public information products to keep communities, regulators and the public informed of environmental conditions and the environmental stewardship efforts that are being undertaken.
  • Cloud, virtual server and workstation implementations
  • Scalable pricing;
  • First year free support and upgrades.

Regardless of your current environmental data acquisition, management and reporting requirements, please contact us to evaluate how a DR DAS LTD system can offer the best value solution. Plus we will help you realize how your vendor choice can address your other current and future multimedia needs monitoring and reporting needs.